How do We decorate a kid’s bedroom?

When browsing both girls room and boys room ideas, consider their personality and interests - whether your child is 4 or 14, kids’ room decor should always reflect their personality. In terms of color, incorporate a favorite hue on the walls or bring in bright accents, but stick with neutral furniture that doesn't need to be swapped out as interests change. While the furniture should be appropriate for your child's age, it also should be something that can grow with him or her. Get full-sized dressers and cabinets that can last through the school years.

How do We decorate a playroom?

A playroom should be very lively and inspirational, so get creative with your color and furnishings. A wall mural or wall decal is a great way to incorporate playful design, while a chalkboard wall lets kids produce their own masterpieces. Try using fun furnishings, like beanbag chairs or floor cushions, and brightly colored textiles to encourage happy moods. Put up their artwork and design a space that encourages their interests. If they are big readers, consider a reading nook. If they love jumping around and being active, consider a slide, climbing wall or swing.

Because it is a multifunctional room, use space smartly. Install built-in cabinets and shelves for much-needed toy storage, and include a desk or work table for homework and coloring. A craft station is a great way to get those creative juices flowing, or consider a small snack area with a microwave and mini fridge. Divide the space into zones so that quieter kids can draw or read while more active kids can watch tv or play a musical instrument.

What kind of storage would we have for a kid's area?

With so many toys and clothes, keeping a kid’s room clutter-free can be difficult. That’s why effective storage is key. Add built-ins if you can, but cubbies and shelves are also great affordable options. Use the closet’s full storage capacity - install hanging organizers, add another rod for clothing and put in accessible drawers. Kids’ rooms are inherently a creative and somewhat messy space, so don’t expect pristine conditions all the time - strategically place baskets and toy chests around the space, and encourage your child to throw items in these containers after use to quickly clear space.

With kids room decor, always remember that because this is a child’s room, height requirements need to be adjusted. If a child cannot reach an item they most certainly can’t put it back once it’s out, and this will cause mess to accumulate much faster.

How can I create a kids bedroom for multiple siblings?

If you have two kids at different ages, with varying styles, tastes and preferences sharing one space, creating a co-habitable bedroom can be difficult. The key is to give each child their own area. Split the room so that each kid has their bed and dresser on “their” side of the room. If that isn’t possible, find an arrangement that feels fair and doesn’t cloister them too close together. Closets are shared, so make sure they each have equal space to store their belongings. A bunk bed can be a great space-saver. As the siblings get older and no longer want to share a room or if they want to split up beds, you can add a desk or workstation underneath the top bunk.

If you have a boy and girl sharing a space, don’t panic - this IS a feasible undertaking! Make sure interests of both kids are reflected equally in the kids’ room decor. Ditch the outdated idea of blue for a boy and pink for a girl, and go with what colors they actually like. You can unify a space by using the same types of furniture and pieces, but customize them through different patterns, paintings, bedding, etc. Make sure to always get the input of the kids; this should be a collaborative and fun design process!