2D/3D Floor Plans Design

Animex Interior & Exterior is the world's best outsourcing 3d floor plan modeling and rendering company. We have technical and design experience to produce a fast, cost effective, accurate floor plan design services for real estate professionals, home-owners and property industry.

We provide all kind of Floor plan rendering services such as:
  • High Detail 2D/3D Floor Plan Design
  • BuLow Detail 2D/3D Floor Plan Rendering
  • Interactive 2D/3D Floor Plan Designs
  • 3D Floor Plans Rendering
  • 3D Floor Plan Rendering for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Landscaping, Offices etc.

Floor plans provides the ability to visualize the interior of a residential house, apartment with furniture layout, floor coverings, wall textures, color schemes to be utilized for a better look to the interior of the architectural construction.

3d floor plans provide the basic layout of an interior of a civil construction be it a residential building, a complex, a shopping mall, an office infrastructure.